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24th of October 2013 0

jQuery Slider – Need some help?


I’d prefer to use my own jquery slider on my website however I cannot figure out how add the navigation, prev and next, buttons. This is my code so far, how would i implement those buttons?

function Slider() {
$ (“#sliderimgs #1″).show(“fade”, 500);
$ (“#slider .sliderarrow”).show(“fade”, 500);
$ (“#sliderimgs #1″).delay(5500).hide(“slide”, {direction: ‘left’}, 500)
$ (“#slider .sliderarrow”).delay(5500).hide(“fade”, 300)

var sc = $ (“#sliderimgs img”).size();
var count = 2;

setInterval(function() {
$ (“#sliderimgs #”+count).show(“slide”, {direction: ‘right’}, 500)
$ (“#slider .sliderarrow”).show(“fade”, 300);
$ (“#sliderimgs #”+count).delay(5500).hide(“slide”, {direction: ‘left’}, 500)
$ (“#slider .sliderarrow”).delay(5500).hide(“fade”, 300)

if(count == sc) {
} else {
count = count + 1;
}, 6500);

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Answer by ❂ℂɑгƞɩⱴɑȴ ℕɩჵɧȶ Հѳƞε❂ ✰Ҏᴀʀჺøᴀ Ꭲᴇмᴀ ‖søʟᴀ✰
Using Jquery sliders: http://paulmason.name/item/simple-jquery-carousel-slider-tutorial

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