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27th of January 2014 1

How to automatically adjust the width of the background in HTML ?

I’m working on html an i want to put image as a background so how to make it automatically adjust the width of the screen and make it repeat vertical..


7th of January 2014 0

jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin

Live Preview: http://www.codegrape.com/item/jquery-banner-rotator-wordpress-plugin/1695?ref=flashblue jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin featuring mult..


4th of January 2014 1

Lunch & Learn: Introduction to Wide World of jQuery Plug-ins

From functionality to plug-in’s, Carolyn Post covered it all in this month’s Lunch and Learn. In this video, the veteran .NET Developer demonst..


2nd of January 2014 6

jQuery Tutorial – 124 – Passing options to plugin

Check out the full jQuery series at http://www.thenewboston.com/ Here is a link to the phpacademy YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now! http://www.youtube..


27th of December 2013 1

Is there a website I can make a customized calender on?

I want to make a calender for this year, but I don’t like ones sold in stores that much. Is there any website I can make one on for free where I can ..


19th of December 2013 1

How To Use JQuery BeautyTips ToolTips and Validation Plugins by Johnathan Mark Smith

How To Use JQuery BeautyTips (ToolTips) and Validation Plugins for Field Validation by Johnathan Mark Smith JQuery, BeautyTips, ToolTips, Validation Who is..


15th of December 2013 0

How can I set auto resize when zooming the contents of my HTML?

I tried to test my html with image designs and I tested to zoom it but it went off or it dislocated my texts. Please help! Best answer: Answer by ScottFor ..


12th of December 2013 0

jQuery Plugin: v6.7.0 New Features!

Learn about Dada Mail’s new jQuery Plugin that you can use to enhance your website with a Dada Mail subscription form, that opens up a modal window s..


29th of November 2013 0

Is there a way to insert an Image in a Javascript alert popup?

I know you can make a javascript popup of an image in a new window. But is there a way to get one in an Alert popup? like alert(‘[insert image here]&..


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