JQuery + PHP + MySQL- AJAX Chat Box

2nd of October 2013 17

JQuery + PHP + MySQL- AJAX Chat Box

Join Forum @ http://jream.com/forum We make an AJAX Chat Box with PHP, JQuery, and MySQL. This is a long tutorial but I take you through the process of setti…
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  1. Jógvan Olsen 7:44 pm 2/10 of 2013

    I’ve found it :D
    github . com/brunobatista/ajaxphp/blob/master/mysqli.class.php

  2. Damian Baker 7:44 pm 2/10 of 2013

    Nice video, enjoyed it. Definitely subscribing!!! Thanks. Damian
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  3. Utkarsh Chauhan 8:10 pm 2/10 of 2013

    bro can you give me the code of mysqli.class.phps file
    its really not working without the file

  4. Incomingson 8:32 pm 2/10 of 2013

    Pls give me the mysqli.class.php source.
    The content is not available on the web page.=(

  5. Kukk 8:38 pm 2/10 of 2013

    It’s better to use long polling for this. No need to create so much database queries.

  6. vanzbro 9:37 pm 2/10 of 2013

    don’t forget to echo the var in the end of the ajaxPost

  7. phanphan54 9:57 pm 2/10 of 2013

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    Để hiểu thêm về môn học này cũng như tìm hiểu thêm về môn học, bạn vào athena.edu.vn để tìm hiểu thêm.

  8. Alan Rodríguez 10:16 pm 2/10 of 2013

    tnks bro, can i do this using java server pages???

  9. BruNti Oke 10:37 pm 2/10 of 2013

    Hey JREAM, whenever i press post message it successfully sends its to the database, but the message seems blank and not the thing i write..any help?

  10. ColdCutz 11:08 pm 2/10 of 2013

    I was looking at that too, it’s the Zenburn theme in the drop-down list under Settings >> Style Configurator >> Select Theme:

  11. d d 11:12 pm 2/10 of 2013

    wow great thats worth a subscription i will try this some time and i will come back to you on that if i dont get it maybe you can help you know just in case but thanks in advance!

  12. FooCo2009 11:48 pm 2/10 of 2013

    well you dont want to make a chat fetching posts via ajax every x-seconds. you need a server, which will push posts to the client when somebody insert new text to the database!

  13. GplayE 12:20 am 3/10 of 2013


  14. GplayE 1:07 am 3/10 of 2013

    why is index.php in a php file if its written in html? the he did it wouldnt let me open it in the browser

  15. dashbyictfd 1:20 am 3/10 of 2013

    As soon as I added the delete script to the ajaxLoad page everything stopped working. The messages are being written to the database but now the delete function seems to have stopped the echo onto the page. I start the page without any messages and no delete which was there before I entered the JS. I have watched from 25:18 4 times now and have exactly what you entered so would be grateful for some assistance in getting this working. Thanks

  16. dashbyictfd 2:03 am 3/10 of 2013

    There are loads of tutorials for this, have a look for someone teaching Xampp or Wamp for beginners.

  17. dashbyictfd 2:52 am 3/10 of 2013

    solved this issue, had to rename table and field, had messages in every field. Just got to get the delete functioning now. Thanks again for this although you certainly made us work for this one. Keep them coming, maybe have some sleep next time though.


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