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18th of May 2013 25

JQuery Mobile + Dreamweaver full mobile site tutorial

Hi, this is a tutorial for creating a simple but pretty looking mobile site. I will be building upon this by creating a tutorial on how to include native fun…

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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Viktor Iwan 7:08 am 18/05 of 2013

    This video encourage me to choose jQuery mobile over other ui like jqtouch and senchatouch… Don’t know what roadblock ahead yet… But thx or your video

  2. Showcolate k 7:51 am 18/05 of 2013

    Great! how can i add an background imge ?

  3. Wazap1994 8:38 am 18/05 of 2013

    my hero

  4. Slaughter4812 9:04 am 18/05 of 2013

    How did you get the integrated jQuery dropdown list under the “Insert” menu?

  5. mason6662006 9:26 am 18/05 of 2013

    hahaha :) cheers

  6. mason6662006 9:46 am 18/05 of 2013

    thank you :D

  7. mason6662006 10:37 am 18/05 of 2013

    I tend to use a php rest interface for DB connectivity, it’s simple to write… the only issue can be session handling but it depends what you are looking to do.. if its a login type page then you have to be careful not to pass credentials in plain text :o

  8. mason6662006 10:45 am 18/05 of 2013

    Thank you :)

  9. Eireternal 10:52 am 18/05 of 2013

    Hi I was using a local copy which apparently didn’t like. Switch to remote copies and everything worked! :)

  10. mason6662006 11:06 am 18/05 of 2013

    hehehe… I failed there for sure!! :)

    What kind of login system are you looking for?

  11. mason6662006 11:07 am 18/05 of 2013

    You raise a valid point… I will be remaking this tut soon in a slightly shorter format or maybe covering alternative solutions.. the reason everything is all on the same page for this version is to demonstrate the power of the DOM more than anything and to keep things simple :)

  12. mason6662006 11:20 am 18/05 of 2013

    Hello, did you use a local copy of JQMobile or did you link to the remote version?

  13. Eireternal 11:44 am 18/05 of 2013

    For some reason it’s not formatting any CSS. For example the about and links tabs you have just looks like links on my screen. I am linking to the css and I tested in the browser to see if the file path is correct and it is. Not sure whats wrong :( Can anyone help?

  14. Stephon Unomon 12:21 pm 18/05 of 2013

    I needed to know how to make a mobile site like this, much appreciated for the great tut

  15. GeekBlogTV 1:18 pm 18/05 of 2013

    Hey, thanks for the video upload! I love seeing YouTubers that are passionate about teaching others. I’m subscribing to encourage you to make more of these awesome videos :)

  16. Robert Ellis 1:28 pm 18/05 of 2013

    is there a way of doing this tutorial in full with dreamweaver cs5 please?

  17. Matt Duff 2:24 pm 18/05 of 2013

    handsome voice you got there

  18. plokuun89 3:04 pm 18/05 of 2013

    Cool tuts sir :)

    But would it be better to create another html page for the about and links?

    Makes it easy to identify errors :)

  19. 149rockon 4:02 pm 18/05 of 2013


  20. Francisco Peinado 5:00 pm 18/05 of 2013

    That´s a cool video and very useful. Wherever you do – Never give up! All the best. From Brazil.

  21. iGamesHelper123 5:34 pm 18/05 of 2013

    I absolutely love how you said very quickly, yet the video is an hour long. Must watch due to awesome comments! :)

    Before I begin though, I would like to request for you to show about how the login system works. I am a beginner and I am still learning.


  22. Jamuna Poon 5:49 pm 18/05 of 2013

    WOW its helps me a lot ..thank u soo much

  23. Neeraj Rathore 5:52 pm 18/05 of 2013

    really thankyou for this tutorial , please if you have any information related to database connectivity with jquery mobile , please tell me

  24. Luis Barrueto 5:53 pm 18/05 of 2013

    Thanks a lot, including the misstakes. It’s real life :)

  25. mohammed thaskeen 6:29 pm 18/05 of 2013

    gr8 tuts man, thanx for the tuts,


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