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2nd of May 2012 2

JQuery Mobile, Backbone, and ASP.NET MVC – A Framework for Making Mobile Web Applications

For code sample and slides, go to therockncoder.blogspot.com Websites designed for smart phones are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. JQuery Mobile makes it easy to create sites for mobile devices, but it is mostly about UI. It doesn’t address the needs of an enterprise application. Things like how to load data from and persist data to the server, how to tie the JavaScript and HTML together, and minimize the amount of data transmitted. In this session I will show how to combine JQuery Mobile with Backbone.js and a ASP.NET MVC back-end. The end result is a website which is fast, efficient, and easier to enhance and maintain. Presented at Code Camp Fullerton 2012.
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  1. rockncoder 8:54 pm 2/05 of 2012

    Thanks for your comments and I agree. I am currently working on a series of screen casts covering the same material in depth. Each one is approximately 10 minutes long and it will be much easier for people to follow along. Source code will be included as well.

  2. pointbypointtube 8:56 pm 2/05 of 2012

    such a shame, really hard to work out what is being said/shown, but the bits I am getting are spot on…. just wish you had ScottH’s setup to record and play these back, invaluable for people at the cutting edge trying to work out what new avenues to explore….

    thanks for the recording anyway, gives a nice insight into the thoughts of a “normal” programmer


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