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6th of April 2014 8

Jquery Image Slider

Create a Jquery Image Slider using Dreamweaver CS5 and Jquery Plugins (the link to the jquery script can be found here ) This…
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8 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Alex Cordova 9:50 am 6/04 of 2014

    I’ve added the link to the JQuery script above but would like to share it
    here as well: simply click on the
    “Download the cycle plugin” located on the left hand side…and don’t
    forget to copy and paste the script in the “head” portion of your HTML
    document as indicated in my demo.

  2. Usman Wali 10:11 am 6/04 of 2014

    Out of all thr videos i watched, your is the only one that makes sense. But
    one problem is i did all you said but my pics are not sliding. I downloaded
    jquery 1.7.2 min please i really need this stuff.. Thanks

  3. Mike Myers 10:53 am 6/04 of 2014

    Can this be programmed to work with images of varying sizes?

  4. Muhannad Ghazal 11:28 am 6/04 of 2014

    thank you so much , i’ll share your video ,, please make new videos …i’ve
    learned about html ,css and a little about js ..i wanna learn about php
    … so im waiting for new videos from you….

  5. Rob Crowley 12:17 pm 6/04 of 2014

    heya, everything is perfect up until the jquery, how did you get the jQuery

  6. Robin Campbell 1:01 pm 6/04 of 2014

    This appears to be a good video, but I’m not seeing any links to the photo
    files or the query. My goal would be to to replicate what’s being done in
    the video with those files and then apply what I’ve learned to my own
    projects. Please add the links.

  7. Alex Walkowska 1:13 pm 6/04 of 2014

    really like your video, simply explained and relaxed voice helps a lot :)

  8. Papasmurf922 1:39 pm 6/04 of 2014

    Yeah first one! I followed the video but it’s not working. Can you please
    provide the code so I can compare it with mine? Thanks. Thumbs up no.1.


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