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27th of May 2013 23

jQuery Image Slider – Part 2

within this part we go over creating the jquery to fade in the first image then loop through the rest of the images. this script is universal and will work w…

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  1. Richie bee 11:18 am 27/05 of 2013

    Hello did you happen to get a solution for removing the gap between slides?

  2. TheSouliG 11:46 am 27/05 of 2013

    I’ve copied exactly what you’ve typed in the video but it does not seem to work for me why is that?

  3. prateek kumar 12:27 pm 27/05 of 2013

    can you provide the code for “function Slider()” because I won’t able to do that, I will be thankful for this. Please help…..

  4. austin bailey 12:32 pm 27/05 of 2013

    This tutorial video is the best one I have seen on YouTube on how to make a jQuery Slider. Thank you!

  5. ThaRSGeek 1:16 pm 27/05 of 2013

    Try this:
    function Slider() { $(“.slider #1″).fadeIn(500); }

  6. realityproject1 1:56 pm 27/05 of 2013

    haveing the same problem did you figure it out ?

  7. realityproject1 2:16 pm 27/05 of 2013


  8. realityproject1 2:49 pm 27/05 of 2013

    the path isnt there anymore ?

  9. Joji yonzon 3:46 pm 27/05 of 2013


  10. Michael Hicks 4:45 pm 27/05 of 2013

    This works, if it doesnt then you messed up somewhere.

  11. coconutmacaroonify 5:13 pm 27/05 of 2013

    THANK YOU saved me from going crazy

  12. TheUnionAve 5:41 pm 27/05 of 2013

    can u create a slider for my website for me ? willin to pay please email me at theunionave@gmail.com

  13. Debbie Webb 6:02 pm 27/05 of 2013

    okay I figured out my mistakes, but the slider will not slide anymore pictures past the first image (I have 8 images), the loading button just twirls on forever…any ideas?

  14. Debbie Webb 6:47 pm 27/05 of 2013

    Awesome! I’ve got it working up to the “setinterval”, here is what I have:


     $(“.slider #”count).show(“slide”,{direction: ‘right’},500);

    $(“.slider #”ount).delay(5500).hide(“slide”,{direction: ‘left’}, 500);


    Can anyone tell me what it is I’ve done incorrectly??? Thanks!

  15. Chris Conway 7:12 pm 27/05 of 2013

    Where is part 1.1 because there is shit missing between parts 1 and 2

  16. Chris Conway 7:47 pm 27/05 of 2013

    why do things and then don’t show us what you are doing!

  17. Chris Conway 7:55 pm 27/05 of 2013

    bell end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sarah Manandhar 8:55 pm 27/05 of 2013

    Hi Tara, You should be using the single quoted comma instead of the doubles just like in the video.Here,try this instead.
    $(“.slider #1″).delay(5500).hide(“slide”,­{direction: ‘left’},500);

  19. mariofilipeibanez 9:19 pm 27/05 of 2013

    I already had that problem too but Sharma Yelverton comment solves it :)

  20. mariofilipeibanez 9:26 pm 27/05 of 2013

    I already had that problem too but Sharma Yelverton comment solves it :)

  21. Ashstyx Sargent 10:10 pm 27/05 of 2013

    i cant even get the image to fade in or out, can you help me?

  22. mariofilipeibanez 10:56 pm 27/05 of 2013

    My image dont slide to left, this happens to someone else ?

  23. Ashstyx Sargent 11:15 pm 27/05 of 2013

    i am having problems with this line
    function Slider() {
    $(“.slider #1″).show(“fade”, 500);

    i tried doing what is used above but it dosnt work still


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