Jquery Diasshow Problem?

17th of April 2014 0

Jquery Diasshow Problem?

So I’m a jquery newbie, and I only recently learned a little bit about the language, and I got the idea to create a diasshow. Problem is, all the pictures fade out at the same time. Here is the code:
$ (document).ready(function() {
var $ Picture1 = $ (‘div div div img:first-child’)
var $ Picture2 = $ (‘div div div img:nth-child(2)’)
var $ Picture3 = $ (‘div div div img:nth-child(3)’)
var $ Picture4 = $ (‘div div div img:nth-child(4)’)

function Diasshow() {
$ Picture1.fadeIn(1000) .delay(3000) .fadeOut(1000);
$ Picture2.fadeIn(1000) .delay(3000) .fadeOut(1000);
$ Picture3.fadeIn(1000) .delay(3000) .fadeOut(1000);
$ Picture4.fadeIn(1000) .delay(3000) .fadeOut(1000);

How would I make it work like a diasshow?

Best answer:

Answer by ▣ℛєȶгѳჵɑɱεг▣ ▦ℂᴀмᴘø ᴅɪ ɪʟ ℬᴇʟɪȿᴀʀɪø Ⓞჺʜøᴀ▦
I haven’t experienced the Diasshow problem, but you may want to see the Jquery FAQ here: http://learn.jquery.com/using-jquery-core/faq/

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