Jqueryui.info - jQuery Content Slider – Part 1

19th of June 2013 25

jQuery Content Slider – Part 1

In this video tutorial series we will be created a jQuery/JavaScript step by step content slider for your website and web applications. In this lesson, part …

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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Prashanth Kumar 9:20 am 19/06 of 2013

    In the mean time you really need to think of giving a permanent link to download the source code, however thumbs up for this TUT, great job…keep up the good work :)

  2. degchful 10:01 am 19/06 of 2013

    The Downloads are not good… can you fix it please?

    p.s. good job! you are the BEST!

  3. rockzzzhelp 10:38 am 19/06 of 2013

    how you make slideshows

  4. Andreas Huse 11:31 am 19/06 of 2013

    Can you please fix the download link for the images?

  5. Gonzalo García 12:21 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Awesome video, but links in the description won´t work, I hope you can repair them. Thanks a lot it´s been really usefull

  6. Vivienne Berry 12:27 pm 19/06 of 2013

    this is a great video, but has anyone found the image link for this so I can finish mine. Or does someone have another idea. Love the way this works and would like to use something familiar for my website
    Thank you

  7. Viktor Hilmer 1:11 pm 19/06 of 2013

    links in the description don’t work

  8. William Hernebrink 1:47 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Thank you for the tutorial! Could you please give a tutorial on how to make this awesome effect this guy have made up: h ttp://thisoneisgreen.co m/ -when you click on a subject, and the page changes in an awesome way! :) Anyone who could help a rookie out?

  9. xpotv1 2:28 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Your tutorials are great.please can you upload the images.They are no where to be found in the link provided.please

  10. RangaTurk 3:13 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Great tutorial, I really appreciate the effort you have gone to, but why do I have to send my mobile number to get the images? Is this service free?

  11. santosh ban 3:58 pm 19/06 of 2013

    hello.. i need images for this tutorial .. given links are dead.. can u please upload it again? tutorials are awesome..

  12. Sunal Fernando 4:38 pm 19/06 of 2013

    can you tell me how can we make it slide through 1,2,3 automatically without clicking them?

  13. Nikhil Narang 5:34 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Thanks for the video! Are the images still online because I keep getting an error every time I click the link.

  14. Toby Hodkinson 6:18 pm 19/06 of 2013

    fantastic! Tons of great stuff in here!!

  15. Ted Davis 6:23 pm 19/06 of 2013

    You might want to try using Divshare for download links in your about section. I’m trying to follow along with this tut, but without the images it’s kind of hard (impossible?). …Not sure how to make the images myself, either.

  16. Ted Davis 6:55 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Where can I find pictures like the ones you use? The links you provide don’t work. :(

  17. Manuchar Kereselidze 7:20 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Hi there, how to make it loop on load?

  18. Agustin moncada 7:36 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Awesome! thanks :D

  19. TheHelpingDevelop 8:05 pm 19/06 of 2013

    classes are used when there is more than one element with that class on the page, ID is a unique style which should only be applied to one item on the page, I figured people may want 3 or 4 sliders on one page, making it a class works better for that. I am glad you enjoyed the tutorial! more coming soon!

  20. Agustin moncada 8:27 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Why using .class and not an id= in divs? i cant understand the difference. Awesome vid by the way, thanks a lot!

  21. TheHelpingDevelop 9:25 pm 19/06 of 2013

    the site is still under development! and will be up in the next few weeks – fully working! :)
    we have alot of projects and websites for clients at the moment, which unfortunately takes priority! all the content for our tutorials will be on the site when it’s finished!

    George – 2nd Developer at Helping Develop

  22. Wei Shi 9:59 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Thanks for your videos. They are great! Easy to follow. I am wondering where can I get source code and resources used in the video. I visited your website, but it is still under construction. May be you can put source code and resources on Google doc or somewhere else so people can download them? Thanks again, you are doing an amazing job! cheers!

  23. Hiba Alqawasmeh 10:34 pm 19/06 of 2013

    Thank you so much.. i used to watch many tutorials from other uploaders, but got disappointed with the results and the number of errors. Unlike yours, everything is clear, each sentence’s purpose is well explained :) thank you again and keep it up

  24. TheHelpingDevelop 11:07 pm 19/06 of 2013

    I take it you mean the homepage of the website… Yes that is where I will be developing the site LIVE, so everyday you refresh there should be something new done. I keep live updates on my facebook page, I just wanted to show people how the site was getting a long… as the week goes by HelpingDevelop will grow to be more complete :D

  25. Latetzkii 11:14 pm 19/06 of 2013

    What’s with homepage? Almost none of the links work there. Only register form opens up.


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