jQuery and AJAX Tutorials 9 | Sending Messages

21st of December 2013 3

jQuery and AJAX Tutorials 9 | Sending Messages

“For now our chatbot doesn’t do anything, we type a message into the textbox, press enter and don’t see any result. Let’s change it in this tutorial. Our goa…
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3 great comment(s) for this post

  1. kedrigen 11:51 pm 21/12 of 2013

    Why you didn’t just use append function?

  2. A Majestic Manatee 12:51 am 22/12 of 2013

    mybringback, it says video 10 is private. Is there a reason why? Thanks!

  3. mybringback 1:02 am 22/12 of 2013

    Hey buddy, we didn’t want to release all 50 videos at the same time, so
    we’re releasing 5 videos a day, 8am 11am 2pm 5pm and 8pm (GMT -600) they
    will be private until that it hits those times


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