Javascript or jQuery?

8th of February 2014 3

Javascript or jQuery?

I know jQuery is part of Javascript but which should I learn? First? I want to really just develop and sell webpages to people like on ThemeForest, I’ve seen most of them use jQuery techniques atm. and also is it necessary to know PHP right away too? Is it in demands for clients as well? I will learn it eventually..

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Answer by The Genius
JAVA first.

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  1. Daniel B 6:09 pm 8/02 of 2014

    JQuery is just a JavaScript library that makes it easier to interact with the document object model (DOM) of a web page. To used JQuery, you need to know how to program in JavaScript.

    You need to know PHP, or other server side language if you plan to move beyond simple static web pages.

  2. galt_57 6:33 pm 8/02 of 2014

    You could spend a year learning Javascript and the DOM and then another year learning jQuery and then another year learning Php — or you could learn them all on alternate days of the week. There is no single magic answer. It is going to take a fair amount of time and practice.

  3. niklas alexander 7:10 pm 8/02 of 2014

    You got it a bit wrong there son. First of all, PHP is used to make dynamic websites, that the user for example can edit easily by using a content management system. JQuery is a library for Javascript. Let’s say you need code to get an image slider, you call a code. And rent a image slider book from the JQuery library. Good Luck btw.


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