Is there any way to submit a form using php silently?

17th of July 2013 1

Is there any way to submit a form using php silently?

Ok so what i am saying is that when someone does something on my website, i want it to be submited to an other website but silently and didnt output anything on browser. How? I am not saying that it will be submited by user, it will be submited by PHP.

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Answer by Unca Alby
I think you need to learn how to use Ajax.

You can still use PHP to handle the Ajax server calls, but you need to know how to contact the server without requesting a fresh page.

Maybe investigate jQuery, which helps facilitate using Ajax.

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  1. Nerd_Isuru 10:46 pm 17/07 of 2013

    Well, you can use AJAX for that. Bit complicated but possible. For example when we type something on yahoo answers, it communicate with remote computer and send back some suggestions. So yahoo answers use AJAX.

    PHP Chat Room AJAX Example.

    JavaScript AJAX File Upload with Progress Indicator Example

    JavaScript jQuery Ajax Tutorial


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