Is JQuery much slower than pure JavaScript?

4th of January 2014 0

Is JQuery much slower than pure JavaScript?

I wrote something with pure JavaScript at first and it worked fine, but the code is more complicated and difficult to maintain. So I have tried the JQuery library, and now the code is more elegant written, simple to read and understand.

BUT – I can feel the big change in performance. JQuery is slower in about half a second – second. I can feel the difference while using AJAX things that need to be updated.

Am I wrong?

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Answer by Doug Gunnoe
No, of course you’re not wrong. It may look like you have less code, but since JQuery is a JavaScript library, you actually have more code. And what makes you think that the people at JQuery will write functions and such that are more efficient and perform better than what you write? I would not count on this being the case.

There are many well documented reasons not to use JQuery. The chief complaint being that they often use browser sniffing and such nonsense to create cross browser scripts. As time marches on, older scripts that rely on JQuery can become broken and have various other problems.

The members of comp.lang.js usenet group talk about this quite a bit.

Good luck.

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