Introduction to jQuery and AJAX Web Forms

26th of February 2012 1

Introduction to jQuery and AJAX Web Forms

Instructor led introduction to the jQuery JavaScript Library and AJAX data submissions to an ASP.NET handler page. Covers some of the basics of jQuery’s architecture and usage; We also cover chaining, selecting, event binding, and posting data with AJAX through the tools in the jQuery Library. Look here if you want to see a form being created, basic validation with jQuery, AJAX form submission, server-side AJAX form post handling in and VB, inserting that submitted data into a database and updating the user with notification that the submission has been completed.
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  1. Krishnan172 10:13 am 26/02 of 2012

    Holy Crap!!!!! u uploaded a vid which is more thn any movie & longer thn any lecture….how did u manage2record & upload it…..


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