I’m thinking of buying a JS animated html template. Is this a good choice for a site?

13th of March 2013 1

I’m thinking of buying a JS animated html template. Is this a good choice for a site?

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Answer by svey
No. Javascript or Ajax is not the No1 best idea for a site. Js (and/or Ajax) is good only to help the html and the rest of the languages (php, mySql e.t.c) not to be the No1 language. Choose something else.

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  1. Mr. Caveman 6:12 am 13/03 of 2013

    All the JS is doing is making the template a DHTML file. Either people use, JS, JQuery, Ajax, Flash, etc. to spice up a web site. The page rank of your site will depend on the content the SEs find and many other factors.

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