HTML code to make a automatic appearance of subscription form?

13th of November 2013 1

HTML code to make a automatic appearance of subscription form?

I was managing a wordpress website. I have made a RSS feed subscription with google’s feedburner. I like to appear that subscription form once the website was opened. Once the website was opened, automatically subscription form should appeared in the middle of the page. viewer should subscribe to the newsletter or they can close the popup page that appear.
Help me to get this html code.
Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Jonathan Christianto
What version of wordpress you’re using? Is it .org or .com?

If you’re using .com –> CAN NOT (As I know)

If you’re using .org –> Open the template file, find ‘header.php’ file, then you can put your jquery right there. For example, You can try to read the source.. :)

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  1. Hem Dagar 4:31 pm 13/11 of 2013

    This cannot be done only with HTML, you will also need jquery/javascript and CSS to achieve the full result. As you are using WordPress then PHP and WordPress codex knowledge is also required to register your custom scripts in WordPress.

    Instead of this you should search for WordPress plugin like “modal dialog plugin” or “modal dialog pop up plugin”.

    The one which I know and is good:

    Plugins are very easy to install, just download and upload it to plugins folder and activate the plugin from the WP administration.

    You can also use a plugin to build any type of forms:

    Hope this helps!


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