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30th of July 2013 6

How to use jquery in html page

link to download file : http://docs.jquery.com/Downloading_jQuery#Download_jQuery for more help go to our website : http://dimensionsolutions.co.in/ In this …
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  1. blazedGinger 3:24 pm 30/07 of 2013

    One tip for next time, the VoiceOver should be Dual-Mono, else it will only be spoke in one side of the speakers – that makes the background-music much louder. And you may want to get a better microphone… ;)

  2. J Moore 4:11 pm 30/07 of 2013

    The music while you talk is to loud, distracting and can not concentrate on your information. A effective teacher you will never be!

  3. sunbysuraj 4:48 pm 30/07 of 2013


  4. TechKErala 5:14 pm 30/07 of 2013

    why this background music ? … don’t be shy with your language …. express your knowledge as you can ….

  5. Manoj Kumar Nama 5:55 pm 30/07 of 2013

    thanks man !!

  6. mahi bisht 6:18 pm 30/07 of 2013

    Thanks bro really helped :)


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