How To Make A jQuery Plug-In From Scratch

14th of October 2013 4

How To Make A jQuery Plug-In From Scratch

The Download Link: You can use this one straight from google, dont have to download just paste this into your html scr…
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4 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Matte Josh 6:27 am 14/10 of 2013

    dude, use your mobile to record while you are working, and then use Windows Movie Maker to attach both Audio and Video files ..
    be smart

  2. Malte Blättermann 6:42 am 14/10 of 2013

    Yes, please speak to us. This way the video is not usable!

  3. whyucool 6:53 am 14/10 of 2013

    I would but don’t have a mic

  4. Felipe Tadeo Jr. 7:10 am 14/10 of 2013

    dude, just use your voice bro, don’t be embraced. I can’t read half the time.


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