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24th of January 2013 2

How is data stored on social networking websites?

Hi. I’m a 8th grade and I’ve been in web design for about a year, and over the last year, I’ve learned about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and some JQuery. PHP is my favorite language because it isn’t accessible by the user. Only the input and output is available to the user; the majority of a website should be coded in PHP. I’ve learned about PHP Forms(POST and GET data), cookies, sessions, etc. I learned PHP off of YouTube along with everything else, so i’m concerned I learned everything in an unconventional method, meaning that I don’t match all the standards that you would receive in a classroom. I’ve learned how to use MySQL databases with MySQL queries to hold user credentials, but I have a new project. I want to make my first social networking website. I have a web server, but I have one question: how is all the data(recent activity, posts, etc.) held? Is it held in a database? If so, wouldn’t the queries take a long time because of web traffic? I know Facebook uses multiple DNS servers, so what is the most efficient way to hold all the data of a social networking website?

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  1. Korean Bob 6:27 pm 24/01 of 2013

    Yes, data is held in the tables of the database. To become a great database architect, you should start off creating databases in microsoft access. You will learn how to create relationships, input masks, forms, reports, and how to determine the best data input. Once you have learned these key concepts, you can move onto mysql, mssql, etc..

    How data is inputted into a database (the simple version):
    You can have a static html page with a form pointing to a php page (we’ll call this post.php)
    In post.php, you get the submitted content from the static html page. We do this buy using $ _POST['form_field_name'];

    For security purposes, you don’t want to just submit this as it is into the database. To avoid html or sql injection attacks, we do the following:

    $ variable = mysql_real_escape_string(htmlspecialchars($ _POST['form_field_name']));

    Remember, you’ll need multiple tables for different content,
    eg(members, posts, profile, etc..)
    Multiple DNS servers can be used for huge corporations like facebook, but understand that those come with a hefty fee.

  2. aMaN 6:31 pm 24/01 of 2013

    Its simply stored in MySQL databases. MySQL is fastest as it runs directly through SQL. Any other application will take more time. You can continue with MySQL. Just read about the concept of Normalization in Databases (i.e. 1 Normal Form, 2 Normal Form). It is used to optimize the architecture of database.
    If you want to learn more about how stuff works in PHP and JavaScript. You can check out http://howinphp.blogspot.com/


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