How does Paul Van Dyk’s website do this?

27th of September 2013 1

How does Paul Van Dyk’s website do this?

If you click on the navigation buttons on top, the new page loads but the page doesn’t refresh. I know it has something to do with AJAX but can anyone point me in the right direction? I’d like my website to do this too.

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Answer by Loble
its some thing related with css and ajax and Jquery

i have some info about this web

here is his css file …. ( style you can use this tyole
file name is top.css

source code of that file is on eppleblogs. cz yahoo anser dont let me do it ….
click on the link and you will get the style

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  1. ✞☠ Ron ☠✞ 4:45 am 27/09 of 2013

    It uses JQuery. Which I don’t know as there are too many JQuery files to browse through.

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    This might be what you want:

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