How do your make an interactive fiction website and or app?

9th of November 2013 0

How do your make an interactive fiction website and or app?

I know these are two different things that work on many different levels, but I’ve just always wondered how people (like the companies) make them, like the graphics and the pictures, etc.
Thanks if you answer(:
:P Haha ^_^

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Answer by Nik
Both are very long and difficult processes.

An interactive website requires either some kind of server-side script (usually coded in jQuery, AJAX, PHP, etc.) that feeds back to the website what the visitor is doing or it downloads content into the visitor’s web browser, like a Flash game. The graphics are probably created in some kind of photo manipulation software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

An app is different – it would be coded to run on a computer. Usually this is done in a language like Python, C++, Java, or in the case of macs Objective C/Cocoa. All worth learning if you want to put the time in :).

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