How do you make a web page fade in with Javascript?

5th of October 2013 3

How do you make a web page fade in with Javascript?

I am using AJAX to load in pages into a div tag on my page. When the pages load in I want them to fade in. I’ve seen the technique before but I just don’t know how to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated…

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Answer by Meg W
I don’t think you can, exactly. You might be able to do something with javascript timers and css changing the colour of text to get progressively darker.

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  1. IT-Guy 2:36 am 5/10 of 2013

    Try posting this in the content header.

  2. rjy7 2:42 am 5/10 of 2013

    I’ve been using Dav Glass’s effects extensions to YUI. It’s available from

  3. Jake Cigar 3:29 am 5/10 of 2013

    there are hundreds of different fades…. every ajax library does it’s own fade. I use , and hide and show fades are built in, with more exotic fades available as extra add ons.

    Writing your own will cause headaches. Save time & money with jQuery!

    My dog’s slide shows are a great example of picture fading and moving and shrinking!


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