Jquery slide - how do i position a Jquery image slide show?

30th of April 2012 0

how do i position a Jquery image slide show?

I’m trying to position a jquery image slide show in the main body of my site project, but for some reason the slide doesn’t come up. How can I fix this?

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Answer by Tom
First off, you need to make sure that the appropriate links to the cloud based jQuery code and your slide show are made in the HTML code of your site. There are usually instructions for this on the website for the slideshow. In the case that the slideshow is more advanced, it will also probably come with a .css file. You also need to link this in the HTML of your site.

You also need to have a div tag containing the extra code for the slider, for example the images. Make a reference to this div tag in your global css file and use it to position the slider.

If you’re not already using it, I would recommend the Nivo slider found here: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/

It’s very easy to use and set up, it’s good looking and has some good instructions.

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