How do I make a picture slideshow?

20th of February 2014 0

How do I make a picture slideshow?

On my website ( I’m designing cheat pages for games of all platforms. I just started on it a little bit ago. While thinking of designing possibilities, I had an idea of a javascript picture slide show like the one on . It’s located towards the top of their page. It has numbers below it. I was wondering if anyone knew a tutorial on this or the exact code I could use to put a similar one (with different pictures of course) on my developing site.
I tried, but when I put in the code on my cheats page, it just lists all of the pictures. What am I doing wrong? The page it’s on is

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Answer by Mark Zijlstra
Take a look at this list, it has 10 different sliders you’re looking for, written in javascript. They’re very easy to implement and modify:

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