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12th of March 2014 1

How can I post one form to two sources?

I have a contact form setup and when a user hit’s submit, I need to send (via POST) to and the data needs to also send to my thank you page so that I can send out auto-responses and lead information.

Is there a way to post one form to two pages? Or can someone come up with a good workaround?

PHP or Javascript please.

Roland. – I can create the scripts if you can tell me what code will auto post. :)

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Answer by Roland J
You do not need to post it twice. You can post it to a php script that you write and use that script to also send the $ _POST variables to I have worked with salesforce and did something similar. Javascript will NOT do it. once something is posted that is it.



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  1. Jake Cigar 9:44 am 12/03 of 2014

    Wait just 1 minute! Javascript can do multiple asynchronous POSTs!

    with ajax you can do all sorts of submits, partial submits, or whatever! and then leave the big submit in the form to do the standard work.

    ajax is pretty difficult to understand or even master if you do all the work yourself!

    but with the proper library it’s easy! I use and a second asych form transmit is trivial code!


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