Fundamentals for Great jQuery Development

16th of May 2012 14

Fundamentals for Great jQuery Development

Interested in diving into jQuery development, but not exactly sure where to start? Check out this video from Microsoft program manager, Damian Edwards. In this 50 minute live coding demo, Damian will start off with an overview of the JavaScript fundamentals that every jQuery developer should know. Next, he’ll show you some of the features that make jQuery the most popular JavaScript library today. A few of the topics covered in this video are: – Fundamentals of JavaScript – JavaScript functions – Objects – Scope and closures – CSS Selectors – Mouse events – jQuery animation ** Check out to learn more about jQuery development

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14 great comment(s) for this post

  1. grancubodemierda 3:34 pm 16/05 of 2012


  2. phpdepot 4:09 pm 16/05 of 2012

    Very informative, your introduction to JS filled in quite a few blanks for me coming from a C background and finding JS/jQuery to defy the laws of gravity.

  3. JoseWanKenobi 4:50 pm 16/05 of 2012

    I wish I had you as my programming teacher back in the day. You have a knack to teach this stuff.

  4. khamlichikhalil 5:36 pm 16/05 of 2012

    Very informative, thnx

  5. StasMirak 5:44 pm 16/05 of 2012

    good english!

  6. bastard231 6:30 pm 16/05 of 2012

    Super educational and practical! Thank you man!

  7. AlexWindHope 6:34 pm 16/05 of 2012

    it’s ‘cose javascript developers dont like IE “a little” =) 

  8. danish162 7:05 pm 16/05 of 2012

    at 31:59 , I did not know this feature, really cool

  9. legendoftk 7:17 pm 16/05 of 2012

    How could Microsoft ever sponsor a class on something that’s standards compliant?

  10. ThePaavero 7:31 pm 16/05 of 2012

    Super educational, thank you!

  11. frosty1433 8:11 pm 16/05 of 2012

    he’s representing Microsoft and using Google Chrome. lol

  12. Raynhardx 8:29 pm 16/05 of 2012

    Where is the normal play button? The video seems to be fast forward … :>

  13. WikiPeoples 9:10 pm 16/05 of 2012

    This video was awesome in its entirety!

  14. sahanlak 9:39 pm 16/05 of 2012

    The Javascript intro part was awesome. Thank you so much!


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