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22nd of May 2013 6

Form Validation using the jQuery Validation Plugin

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  1. Kamal Kimo 9:24 pm 22/05 of 2013

    it’s nice to chat while explaining but it distruct us when you do it a lot , also you need to show the code more clearly it’s hard for us to read

  2. winsys2010mf 9:52 pm 22/05 of 2013

    This was very helpful and thorough. I appreciate your taking out time. For those unfamiliar with all of the jQuery syntax (myself included), I’d probably post a syntax blurb or the like. Of course, we’re able to lookup, but very good job! Thanks again.

  3. RobbieGeniusBlog 10:41 pm 22/05 of 2013

    Good job, man

  4. raaja0 10:52 pm 22/05 of 2013

    nice tutorial can you plz give a downloadable copy of the source code….

  5. Sohil Pandya 11:43 pm 22/05 of 2013

    Hey, great Video, Is there any chance of putting up the html doc that you have created online for us to have a look at. it is really hard to read most of what you are filling out.



  6. LadyAmayaMeda 11:49 pm 22/05 of 2013

    Heehee, you are adorable! Thank you for this video. I downloaded this validation plugin and it had 167 files in it! I didn’t know which ones I needed or what to do with them! And their website has no instructions that a noob like me could understand. So your video was very helpful.


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