Fetch JSON Array Elements Using jQuery AJAX Method: getJSON

20th of April 2014 16

Fetch JSON Array Elements Using jQuery AJAX Method: getJSON

http://technotip.com/2294/fetch-json-array-elements-using-jquery-ajax-method-getjson/ Video tutorial illustrates the extraction of JSON Array elements using …

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  1. Nirupam Burman 3:58 am 20/04 of 2014

    Please, make a complex JSON to be fetched and some realtime use of JSON eg.
    how to write a condition eg to highlight a td whose sales > 2000 etc. Hope
    you get the idea.

  2. shashi kant 4:11 am 20/04 of 2014

    Hi Satish,
    after this tutorial I got one thing that is Shwetha is your girlfriend.

  3. faisal shahdad 4:42 am 20/04 of 2014

    what if i want to display only the first object from the array person ? In
    this case i just want to display

    Name: Satish
    Age: 25

    how can this be done. 

  4. Satish B 5:42 am 20/04 of 2014

    Ya we have it on our blog.. please visit our blog and jQuery section. Can’t
    post the URL here in the comment section: YouTube doesn’t allow it

  5. SanThosh K 6:11 am 20/04 of 2014

    hi here your statically given data from a json file, can you give the demo
    for getting json data from URL …. it will be much helpful

  6. Sukhjinder Kahlon 7:07 am 20/04 of 2014

    I have win 8.1 whenever i try to install WAMP it gives an error.

  7. Satish B 7:08 am 20/04 of 2014

    If you’re on Windowns – install WAMP If you’re on MAC – install MAMP then
    execute the PHP files.

  8. Bang Girl 7:08 am 20/04 of 2014

    Hello , could you show me how to load data to select option using

  9. Satish B 7:52 am 20/04 of 2014

    Visit the link in the description section of above video, to get ready
    code. Copy it directly and check with it. Change the field names etc
    according to your database.

  10. Satish B 8:43 am 20/04 of 2014

    Video tutorial for pagination is present on our blog. Please search for it
    on our blog. Thanks ..

  11. Sukhjinder Kahlon 9:09 am 20/04 of 2014

    I have tried today all same also downloaded jquery older version but i have
    not installed any php server i have only microsoft one but it still not
    fetch anything. please help me.

  12. Sukhjinder Kahlon 9:31 am 20/04 of 2014

    Dear Sir, I have installed WeMatrix and i am trying get Json data at my
    server localhost:17728/ with your given code it does not fetch any data
    please help me.

  13. Sukhjinder Kahlon 10:18 am 20/04 of 2014

    Sir i have tried same code on wwwzymiccom webserver as well i have tried a
    function on click and added alert method to check is it work properly or
    not, with alert method it show a message but whenever i pasted the getJSON
    method code it stop working.

  14. Narinder Sahani 11:13 am 20/04 of 2014

    This is very nice tutorial

  15. salim ali 12:12 pm 20/04 of 2014

    Do you have any tutorial to get data from mysql database and display that
    data in a json file ???

  16. Satish B 12:15 pm 20/04 of 2014

    alert() works because its javascript, and it doesn’t need any server to
    run. But getJSON pings to a php file. To run PHP you need to have a valid
    server which supports PHP and MySQL. Download 64 bit WAMP software for your
    Windows 8 Operating System.


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