Editable Tables with jQuery

16th of March 2014 6

Editable Tables with jQuery

Basic example of making an editable table using jQuery and PHP. Live example: http://kodepuppy.com/example/editableTable/table.php You can get the source cod…
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6 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Majid Lotfi 7:42 pm 16/03 of 2014

    Thank you Matt, good explanation, BUT I was surprised that you have only
    one video.

  2. benqacem ayoub 8:16 pm 16/03 of 2014

    good job 10/10, thanks

  3. Matt Peters 9:01 pm 16/03 of 2014

    I’ve added a link to a live sample you can play with as well as the source,
    including a SQL export of my sample database tables. All you need to do is
    import the database and update the db.php file with your own database
    connection info

  4. Costin Beiu 9:42 pm 16/03 of 2014

    Nice tutorial! I would like to know how can I add a datepicker class on a
    cell, if the content is date format? How can I know if the cell contains a
    date information?

  5. woleenter 10:09 pm 16/03 of 2014

    Thanks for the video! really helpful! one question though.. how do i ignore
    fields with links or checkboxes etc. anything apart from pure text in the
    fields should not be editable..

  6. Kjell Arne Neshagen 10:15 pm 16/03 of 2014

    Good video ;) But as much as i try to follow it, i can’t get it :P So you
    think it might be possible to link to the src code of this ? I’d really
    like this to work on my pages


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