Do you know a good book to learn jQuery?

21st of March 2013 2

Do you know a good book to learn jQuery?

I’m interested in webdesign. I’m a beginner on this topic.
I would like to learn jQuery. I just know the basics of javascript.

Do you know a real book for beginners??

anyway, Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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Answer by aani

has very good documentation.

If you need a book, Jquery in Action is a very good book. But the online documentation is alos very good

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  1. Chococat 4:13 am 21/03 of 2013

    I don’t know any good books, but I use this website Their tutorials are very easy to understand and you can try out the code online.

  2. GuoQing Deng 5:10 am 21/03 of 2013

    jQuery free ebook

    HTML5 free ebook


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