Drupal 7 module development - Custom Drupal Module Development Simplified

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Custom Drupal Module Development Simplified

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Drupal module development is an essential and effective functionality of Drupal open source CMS that plays a vital role in meeting your business needs and requirements. With Drupal development services becoming a hot commodity in the market, companies are employing innovative strategies like custom drupal module development to get a foothold in the domain.

What exactly is a Drupal module?
Simply put, a Drupal module is a collection of files, written in PHP, containing some functionality. It can access the entire variables and structures of the Drupal core, as the code is executed within the context of the website. You can create and test a module independently and use it to drive multiple functionalities. In fact, drupal module development can enhance the functionality of the core by executing the hook (the places where a code is implemented).

Drupal open source CMS generally comes with in-built modules. However, if these in-built and existing modules don’t fit into your scheme of things or meet your needs, there are provisions for custom Drupal module development tailored to your specifications.

There are multiple Drupal module development systems, ranging from very small ones with simple functionalities to large ones with complex features like Drupal 6 Module Development and Drupal 7 Module Development. Generally, developers need to have expertise and experience in cutting edge Drupal module development technologies like jquery, AJAX, AJAH etc. As stated earlier, Drupal module development would at times involve either modifying the existing modules you have in your site, or developing brand new modules.

At the most primary/basic level, if you are keen to learn custom Drupal module development, you can take up the following steps:
• Understanding the Drupal hook system
• Knowing when to write the custom module
• Creating a simple module with 3 basic files
• Identifying and understanding the frequently used hooks
• Locating the placement of the complete lists of hooks
• Defining your own database schema to create tables
• Writing a query for database in Drupal
• Forming a Drupal API

Custom Drupal module development is of great help in the management of your website. You need to master Drupal module development technologies, be it Drupal 6 Module Development, Drupal 7 Module Development etc to develop a seamless and flawless website.

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