Creating Mobile Web Applications Using Jquery Mobile :- Part 5

10th of September 2012 4

Creating Mobile Web Applications Using Jquery Mobile :- Part 5

So far we have been developing on desktop, this time we will download android emulator to make sure that our application behaves the right way on a mobile phone

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  1. ashok223133 12:03 pm 10/09 of 2012

    what about video 8,9,10……………

    1) i need user list with search filter when i click user that shows user profile
    2)add user

  2. ashok223133 12:22 pm 10/09 of 2012

    thanq very much, i am suffering for this code since i month
    thanx a lot and

    gr8 work

  3. Mrlundtube 12:53 pm 10/09 of 2012

    Hey dude. like your video. but in the you have a save infomation pop up that you dont show have to make? can you do that?? :D it is the one at 6:23

  4. riz chelsea 1:16 pm 10/09 of 2012

    Wow this is very good Video looking very interesting & attractive.I LOVE TO SEE YOUR Videos.Thanks for sharing.


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