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5th of April 2014 0

Coding with jquery…?

Okay, so I want to make a site where when you login (I also need help with login forms) you go to a page (your account) with a list of Credits. So like if you buy something from my shop page, you lose credits (no real money, this is all fake) How can I do it. I need codes, tutorials, tips, advice, anything.
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Answer by Aaron
You will need some way to store this data long-term. Usually a database like MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server is used on the web to store information like this. You potenetially could use XML or even a flat file, however depending on the number of users, this would be unreasonably slow as compared to ta database as well as error prone. When the user is authenticated, the credits can be checked in a “bank” table. Any points can be added to or deducted from and stored for later use. Depending on the size of your project, you may want to seek out professional web development. I do not see jQuery in the equation for this segment of your project. If you did want to use jQuery here, I would suggest using $ .ajax to query your database to return the bank results of the user logged in. You will still need a database and you will need a “getter” file, usually written in a language like PHP, to “get” the information.

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