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Can you recommend a book to learn about jQuery?

I’m new to JavaScript, and I specifically want to learn more about the AJAX functionality of jQuery. What’s your favorite book about jQuery, and was it written with beginners in mind?

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Answer by Pedro
I’d highly recommend “Learning jQuery”. It covers the basics and builds upon that to give a thorough understanding of common jQuery tasks, while using lots of examples that are easy to understand (even for a beginner!).

Chapter 1: Getting Started – good intro to jQuery
Chapter 2: Selecting Elements
Chapter 3: Handling Events
Chapter 4: Styling and Animating
Chapter 5: Manipulating the DOM
Chapter 6: Sending Data with Ajax
Chapter 7: Using and developing plugins
Chapter 8: Using and developing plugins
Chapter 9-13: Advanced topics

Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle:


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