Lists - Can someone give me a little guidance with web desing?

16th of March 2014 0

Can someone give me a little guidance with web desing?

Hello all:

This one is a little long, so please bear with me. I figure the more you know about myself in situ, the better answer you’ll be able to give me. Thanks.

I’ve been designing webpages at home for some time now. I have a good understanding of XHTML (strict) and a good foundation in CSS. I understand layout very well and, being an artist, my pages tend to create visual yet easily navigated sites. My problem seems like it has a simple answer, but I don’t know where to look.

Here’s the task:

l’m trying to give small paragraph that’s sitting next to a larger image a “more” button, so that viewers can read through the related article in its entirety without linking to another page. I just want the text to “scroll”, or change somehow, with each click of the “more” button.

The parameters:

•The page must not change its layout, or load another page. Only the text should change, in lengths I can predetermine. (Maybe three or four sentences at a time.)

•If there are multiple ways to do this, please tell me what sort of code I should be studying. I know that as hardware advances, laguages do as well.

Yahoo! has a similar example of what exactly I mean on their homepage (the box that they display the latest stories.) It has a really nice mouseover feature too, but I figured I’d start small. I just want to read through an article bits at a time, and simultaneously view an image.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t very clear; I explained it to the best of my understanding of web design. Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Matthew M
I believe from what you describe that you will need to use a mix of HTML and JavaScript / JQuery to do what you intend to do. Have you searched google or taken a look at any news sliders or JQuery sliders online before? You may find you can find what you are looking for online and download the example and edit the CSS to make it fit your website.

Do you know JavaScript or JQuery?

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