2013 August

31st of August 2013 25

Promotion: jQuery UI Starter, PHP Punch in the Face, PHP CodeIgniter

CONTEST ENDED – If you didn’t get a video FREEBIE and you are a cool YT Subscribers: – PHP CodeIgniter Promo Code MOREPHP for 50% off ..


30th of August 2013 0

[PHP or jQuery] How to create an array from input value string?

The idea is edit tags on fly. Problem is that I have one field with long value, I need somehow to convert it to html. You know how you type tags separated ..


29th of August 2013 7

jQuery ile Slider Yapımı.wmv

http://www.firatabak.com jQuery ile Slider Yapımı.


27th of August 2013 1

jQuery UI Using Visual Studio 2012

Intro video tutorial on jQuery UI Using Visual Studio 2012 with Expert Instructor — James Curtis. Get full course details @ http://www.appdev.com/


26th of August 2013 3

Which of the following courses is better?

I am a regular IT guy, I am 19 and still am at high school. OK, so an organization has offered me free training for one of the following courses, I can cho..


24th of August 2013 4

jQuery AJAX para Realizar Consultas con PHP y MySQL – Validando Form jQuery.validate (7/12)

Validando formulario por medio de jQuery Validate Parte VII. Video Rating: 5 / 5


24th of August 2013 0

Sending a value from an HTML select to PHP with JavaScript – Ajax …

NET + jQuery UI Modal: load aspx page into modal dialog976 views javascript – Connecting to a MySQL database using PhoneGap …732 views Facebook..


22nd of August 2013 3

jQuery Ajax ile Anlık Veri Güncellemesi Uygulaması

Bu ders Tayfun Erbilen tarafından hazırlanmıştır. – Erbilen.NET – Prototurk.Com – UzmanVideo.Org.


22nd of August 2013 0

How can I be a remote-working freelancer?

I am an ASP.net programmer. My skill-set includes HTML, CSS, ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, Jquery, and other web-based technologies. Right now, I’m workin..


20th of August 2013 3

Creare uno slideshow con jQuery e jQuery UI (1a parte)

In questo video viene illustrato come creare, partendo da zero, una galleria d’immagini con slideshow utilizzando il framework jQuery e jQuery UI.


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