2013 February

27th of February 2013 2

APEX Plugin – jQuery Anything Slider

An APEX Region plugin to display content from a single SQL query in an interactive slide show. Based on the following jQuery plugin available from css-tric..


25th of February 2013 1

What is the best IDE and what else do I need to create a website that uses the following things?

1)Ruby On Rails and/or PHP (Preferably RoR) 2)Sql, 3)JavaScript (with Ajax and JQuery) 4)HTML5 5)CSS3 Best answer: Answer by JennaYou can use Dreamweaver w..


24th of February 2013 0

17. Gün – jQuery ile Slider Uygulaması

yatay / dikey / otomatik geçiş


22nd of February 2013 0

Ajax Form with jQuery and PHP – Part 2

Four part video which explains how to do ajax + PHP validation on the web form. You can watch the whole series at : www.ssdtutorials.com Video Rating: 5 / ..


22nd of February 2013 0

My jQuery is enqueued properly. So why isn't it working?

I'm just trying to add a simple bit of Show/Hide jQuery to a child theme. $ (document).ready(function(){ $ ("#openbtn").click(function(){ $ (..


21st of February 2013 1

does anyone have an html code for a fading slide show?

This is really annoying me and i need it for my website! Best answer: Answer by NikHi HTML is not responsible for this to get the best looking ones you wil..


20th of February 2013 1

jquery.ime (Part 2) on Code Deconstructed – Episode 6

We conclude our look at jquery.ime by creating a bookmarklet for it. This allows us to use the input method on almost any web page. You can see some of the..


17th of February 2013 10

jQuery Tutorial – 132 – Creating a hover text plugin

Check out the full jQuery series at www.thenewboston.com Here is a link to the phpacademy YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now! www.youtube.com And here i..


17th of February 2013 1

How to build an image map of the 50 states with each state as an separate image?

Hi, I want to build a clickable image map of the 50 US states, with each state having its own image. And each state is an image rotator (like the banner ro..


15th of February 2013 6

jQuery Mobile tutorial – 1- Hello World app !

Writing hello world app using jQuery mobile framework.


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