2012 October

30th of October 2012 0

Exploring the jQuery Mobile features | lynda.com overview

This overview examines the jQuery Mobile features including platform support, page transitions, form elements, and more. Watch more at www.lynda.com This s..


29th of October 2012 0

How to write code for autosuggest or auto complete in JavaScript, Jquery or PHP?

I have one website that is about song lyric. I want to make visitors easy to see the song titles when they are typing in the search textbox. The problem is..


28th of October 2012 0

JS 4U 168: JQuery UI Dialog

Today we’ll take a brief look at the JQuery UI Dialog widget


26th of October 2012 1

jQuery UI Sortable bug

Portlets prefer to go where they were taken from rather than where user is putting them. Video uploaded for purpose of jQuery bug tracker. bugs.jqueryui.co..


25th of October 2012 0

live() and bind() in Javascript.?

Can anyone help me convert this code? I just want this code to be executed AFTER page_load so it doesn’t mess up my event handlers. Hence, the use of..


24th of October 2012 8

jQuery Tutorial – 25 – Basic form field selection

Check out the full jQuery series at www.thenewboston.com Here is a link to the phpacademy YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now! www.youtube.com And here i..


21st of October 2012 0

Animation of Text and Image: jQuery

technotip.com Video tutorial to illustrate animation of text and image using jQuery.


21st of October 2012 2

Question about jQuery toggle function?

Alright so I have this contact form that I want to hide using the jQuery toggle function but I can’t seem to get it to work. If someone could help me..


19th of October 2012 6

Criando um slide com jQuery

Nesta video aula vamos criar um slider em jQuery,usando photoshop e dreamweaver e é claro jQuery Video Rating: 4 / 5


17th of October 2012 0

WordPress Module Question?

This is tricky to word but I will try. I want to be able to create custom post types on the left sidebar of wordpress with modules in it. For instance R..


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