2012 March

31st of March 2012 0

hoverIntent jQuery plugin applied to admin_menu Drupal module

Demo of patch for admin_menu module for Drupal that implements hoverIntent; drupal.org


29th of March 2012 0

jQuery won’t pass arguments?

I’m using the jQuery fade in/out functions to animate the categories on my site. Instead of writing it over and over again I thought to write it usin..


29th of March 2012 0

Ajax and jQuery – jQuery Plugins

Watch more at www.educator.comOther Computer Science subjects include PHP, Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, and XML, with more coming soon. We also ..


27th of March 2012 0

Styling CSS forms: adding jQuery navigation | lynda.com tutorial

Watch more at www.lynda.com This CSS tutorial titled Adding jQuery navigation is from chapter six of the CSS: Styling Forms course presented by lynda.com a..


25th of March 2012 0

How to detect there is no internet connection using javascript or jquery?

How to detect there is no internet connection using javascript or jquery with out loading the error code “No internet connection available” or ..


24th of March 2012 11

JQuery Ajax Tutorial

You will learn how to design an Ajax powered forum using JQuery and PHP. It demonstrates how to design a slick interface with no page reloads. The next par..


22nd of March 2012 0

Beta version of users browsing – jQuery UI Slider

Beta version of users browsing – jQuery UI Slider jQuery, jQuery UI & Ajax based Vladimir Komarov: www.vlkomarov.info PHP, MySQL & jQuery d..


21st of March 2012 0

JQuery slideshow help?

I’m creating my own slideshow because all of the prebuilt ones don’t give me the effect I want. At least I haven’t found one yet anyway. ..


20th of March 2012 16

Web Form Hint Text Using jQuery

Learn how to use hint text in your web forms using jQuery. You won’t need field labels anymore which can clean up your forms and make them more strea..


18th of March 2012 0

How to create image slider in a few clicks

WOW Slider : wowslider.com WOW Slider is a jQuery image slider with stunning visual effects and tons of professionally made templates. WOW Slider is packed..


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